The Precinct Medicine Way


Precinct Medicine understands that Law Enforcement Officers are a unique population requiring unique levels of healthcare. Your officers need to be fitter and faster than the everyday criminal.


Our approach to Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Healthcare is to provide comprehensive wellness protection for the men and women who risk their health and safety to product the public.


The Precinct Medicine team is comprised of Police Physicians, Nutritionists, Clinical Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers and working LEO officers who, based on evaluation of your officers, devise personalized health and wellness protocols to ensure their well-being.


We emphasize early prevention, early detection and appropriate, timely care at all levels of health.  Our results driven and evidenced based program benefits your department in a variety of ways:


  • We use the most recent technologies and protocols to develop practical and innovative systems specifically for your department.

  • Healthy officers mean higher productivity.  Given the investment you make for each of your officers (training, uniforms, equipment, education), our approach provides a  greater Return on Investment for your department

  • Some of our exclusive interventions include: narcotic tracking protocols; ADA, GINA and HIPPA compliant adjustments to pre-hire interviews; implementation of mandatory fitness standards; institution of tobacco free work places; pre-hire performance evaluations; identification and elimination of current barriers to health. 

  • We use aggressive interventions to help LEOs at risk for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes before they can lead to stroke, heart attach and early death.

  • Our PM team focuses on early detection and on-going monitoring which not only halts the progression of disease but can also decrease the number of new cases by over 50%.

  • Our Individualized diet and lifestyle modification plans, including monthly mini-lecture series, which help your officers stay in top form and remain an asset to the job, the department and the people they protect.


Precinct Medicine is the future of a healthy LEO and, a healthy Department.


Contact Information:

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