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NIDA Research Report Series: Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Which Would You Choose For Your Nicotine Addicted Patient?

Stress and Infertility Fact Sheet:

Greenwich Magazine: Hiding In Plain Site

More Plants on the Plate

Basic Guidelines for Healthy Eating

How to avoid portion size pitfalls to help manage your weight.

10 tips to help you eat more vegetables

Sun Damage and the UVI Index

Binge Drinking Danger

Allergies and Hay Fever

Depression Booklet

Focus On Fruits

Green Shopping

HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

Health Risks of Being Overweight



Gluten-Free Conversion Chart

Plastics Primer: Fact Sheet

Health Information Privacy Rights

Celiac Disease and Gluten Food Labeling Information

Back Pain, Easy to Read Fast Facts

Hypothyroidism (JAMA Patient Page)

Virtual Colonoscopy

Hormones and Menopause

Pap Tests

What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer Testing

Birth Control and STD Prevention: For the Love of Latex

Concussion (JAMA Patient Page)

Safe Use of Pain Medications

GERD/Acid Reflux Disease Treatment Options

Opiates: What You Need to Know

Alprazolam: Anxiety Treatment With a Chance of Addiction

Vegetarian Starter Kit

The Power Plate


Philanthropic Organizations We Support or Dr. Gamble is a Member Of:

EWG: Know your environment. Protect your health.

AAMC: The American Doctor Shortage

Heartbeat International Ministries

The Fold Family Ministries

My Father's House Senegal


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Food & Water Watch

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