As a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician, I am trained to provide comprehensive primary care services to adult patients which includes the diagnosis, management and treatment of complex illness and disease.

I started Greenwich Pure Medical to focus on individualized preventive care. Our practice places a strong emphasis on health and wellness in order to prevent the onset of illness or injury, before the disease process begins. For those patients who have just been diagnosed with a disease or illness, I provide prompt treatment to prevent more severe problems from developing.  I also partner with patients to help them understand the difference between illness and injury and optimal health and wellness.

From our first breath, we are set on this amazing path towards health and wellness.  Detours such as poor food choices, lack of exercise, toxic work environments and relationships, sleep deprivation, technology overdose, empty spiritual lives and/or daily alcohol use, prescription drug dependence and nicotine addiction may cause us to veer off course. With the right personalized help however, these roadblocks are not insurmountable.

It is my belief that a thoughtful, yet comprehensive approach can help patients develop healthier lifestyles.  Once we identify the barriers that get in your way, I create a personalized treatment plan which can include frequent visits, vitamins, hormones, meal services, psychotherapy, a fitness instructor and the encouragement needed to reach your goals. Because while we are all designed to be well, none of us were designed to be the same.


Dr. Sarah Mildred Gamble, DO