At Greenwich Pure Medical, we practice “whole life health.” This means knowing you and your family as well as the interests, activities, job stressors and goals that factor into your daily life.

Our “whole life health” approach, when combined with our Concierge Medical Care is ideal for those seeking a more comprehensive and individualized level of health management. Designed for patients of all lifestyles to achieve optimal health and wellness, Concierge members receive extensive personal care and service with direct access to the Doctor, when and where they need it.

For patients, Concierge Medical Care is an opportunity to secure a lasting relationship with an easily accessible doctor who has the time and independence to deliver optimal preventive care.

For us, Concierge Medical Care is an opportunity to recapture control of our practice and relationships with our patients.  Dr. Gamble enjoys the satisfaction of practicing thoughtful preventative medicine, and nothing less than converting to a complete Concierge Medical Care practice will allow her to do so.

Did you know that Concierge Medical Care decreases the incidence of ER visits by up to 70% annually? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gamble to learn how Concierge Medical Care can help you maintain your vitality and health.